Back the the Old Comment Format

Well, Blogger thought they have a good thing with embedded comments (I thought so), but apparently it's not working for some of us. Thanks Kat for letting me know.

No wonder there were only crickets yesterday.

So who did go get free ice cream or coffee? I want to know. (Believe it or not , I wasn't in the mood for either! - So unlike me.)

Now if I can only resolve the new problems I've encountered recently with uploading pictures. I used to be able to quickly resize in Edit Html - but not so much anymore. And they used to automatically resize when uploaded from Flickr - again, not anymore. any ideas?



Anonymous said...

Oh, well, though it was just me.

On the costumes... You had a very creative and ambitious mom. Have to know how she (and you?) did the windows on the ES building. And I think biker babe suits you.

Cara said...

I was trying to comment earlier and thought it was just me. I am glad you fixed it.

imbeingheldhostage said...

I was trying to comment-- I loved your halloween post. Glad Kat got ahold of you because my attempts failed there too :-(

Jack said...

If you find out, post the info will you. I also am finding blogger is a lot slower loading my images... I'm considering finding a new platform.

This is for you if you choose to accept it.

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