The City Bus

When I first moved to the Big City - many years ago - I was young, foolish, naive and broke. I spent the first two years riding the bus from high up in the Valley down to places like the Miracle Mile and Hollywood Blvd. where I worked as an office manager for a limousine company located in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

The bus is an experience that I would not take back. My VERY FIRST memory of Hollywood boulevard was getting off one bus on an early morning and waiting at the corner of Hollywood and Highland in front of a tall office building; as I looked down at my feet in a groggy haze I saw the BIGGEST FREAKIN' COCKROACH you could ever imagine! It was like - two inches long and all I could do is watch the thing as it made a mad dash through all the feet walking every direction as they made their way to work. I kept scrunching my face with every near miss until finally it dropped out of sight over the curb. A sigh of relief came over me. Why you ask? Or maybe you can guess.

A bug that big makes a pretty loud CRUNCH. EEAAWWW!

Now days that corner is part of the "Hollywood & Highland" shopping complex and home of the Kodak Theater where the Academy Awards take place. And unfortunately, shortly after I moved to the Big City my camera was stolen out of a friend's van. So no pictures of those early days. Rather, I wrote about them in my strange poetic style.

At the city yard this past Spring, I thought about those early days as well as my strange poetic style. Some of my bus experiences are still so vivid in my head, as if only yesterday. I really wouldn't exchange those events for the world. If only I had a camera in those days...oh, the people I encountered.

I would have posted a picture form the City yard - but I couldn't access the files from our home network. Oh, how I love Vista.


Hamba Kalhle!

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