Curiouser and Curiouser... AND Curiouser!

I'm beginning to feel like Alice in Wonderland.

My laptop has been giving me warning signs that it has come to end of it's life span. It's ready to rest. It wants out of the technological age. And...that it wants to be sitting on a beach in Fiji drinking brightly colored, fruity drinks. (Oh wait, the last one is me.)

A couple weeks ago I turned on my laptop and it gave a me message that there was a fatal error and the physical memory was dumping. I restarted it, then it gave me another [not so good news] message and shut back down. So I tried it again and it started up - completely, like normal.

A few days ago I turned it on, it told me disk error, press any key to continue. I pressed EVERY key to continue. It just kept spitting the same message at me. I picked it up and flung it out the window. I turned it off and walked away with my composure intact. Later I came back, turned it on, argued with it a couple times, convinced it to boot up and left it on for a few days.

This morning the laptop finally went belly-up (or so I thought). I sat down to scan some pictures and found that there were NO programs loaded on my computer, and no files - NOTHING. It said EMPTY everywhere I looked - apparently it finished the dumping job. It's as if the files and programs all just melted away overnight. I envisioned one of those Sci-Fi movies where someone gets caught inside a video game and then a virus is released and everything around them just starts to disintegrate like watery paint sliding down a canvas.
I did the only thing I could do - I turned it off. Only it said I didn't have permission to that, so I unplugged the little b*****d. Yes, I put it down.

But as usual, I came back [not too unlike that darn cat in the folk song]. I pushed that little power button and a message popped up like no other telling me that there was no operating system to boot from. Makes sense, everything had melted away; but I shut it down and turned it on again, and again.

Guess what?

[and I'm madly scanning photos while it's mood is good.]

Now was that the little bottle or the big bottle that I drank from?



Christina said...

Yikes! That thing has more lives than a cat. I hope it keeps on keeping on for a while yet!

Jaimee said...

eeekkk, I hate computer issues! hope it holds up for you!

Frogs' mom said...

Yikes! That happened to me when I was runinning the front office for a couple of psychologists. I remember going a little light headed and thinking I was about to faint when the tech on the other end of the phone line said I had probably lost most of the data! BACK UP THAT DATA - AND QUICK! There are sites out there in cyberspace that will hold that information for you - check with Kim Komando's site and save everthing while you can :-)

Good Luck!

imbeingheldhostage said...

I do believe it's getting curiouser and curiouser!

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