The Best Window Light in the World!

We had a play date at Alton's house last week. He is such a cute little guy, and his energy... he is Harrison's little Mini-Me - times two!! His mommy has a wonderful picture window in the front room with white shears to diffuse the light. A perfect place to pull out the camera. since it was unplanned I just took some shots and hoped for the best. At the same time Harrison ran for the hills - so to speak.

Here's a couple of the best shots from the day. Love that window light on that precious face!

Yes, that is the face I often get lately. sigh.

Go see Tracey for More Best Shot Monday.

Sayounara! (さようなら)


Brittany said...


Bunny said...

What fun! I love those impromptu window photo moments.

emily said...

What a lovely photo at the window!

Christina said...

The window light is great, but H's expression is even better!

Kimberly said...

"with white shears to diffuse the light" - I am SO making a mental note here. :)

Love the lighting and the subjects, but those little feet half crossed are the cutest!

Cara said...

I love Harrison face. He is doing that for the camera, right?
The light in the first shot is great. We have had so much rain and overcast days that I have not taken any natural light in 2 weeks, arghhh!

Unknown said...

that is some good window light...and *sigh* the cheesy look we have had around this place too. gotta take the good with the bad, i suppose. wait a minute, they are ALL good, aren't they?

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