Throwing in the Towel...

 On the camera that is. It seems that my camera has not been giving me sharp images and I just woke up and smelled the coffee this week with a couple photo sessions.  It has been soft-focusing and front-focusing far too often. What is it with me and camera focus issues? 
Yeah, I did put the blame on me for a while, but after resetting the camera, trying both lenses and shooting in auto formats as well as creative/manual formats, I've come to the conclusion that it is not all about me.
So Canon wants me to send (or drive) it in for repair. The only problem? It's Thanksgiving next week! What about Thanksgiving!? In the meantime, I'm back to my deadlines.
It gives me a headache, I think I'll take some Advil.

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Christina said...

My camera has been soft focussing, too...not too horribly, but deinfitely not as sharp as it used to me. Plus the flash doesn't work (not that I use flash very often at all, but still). I think it needs a checkup.

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