The Skin of My Teeth

Eek-Gad, work and life have finally gotten the upper hand in my quest to blog daily during the month of November.

I would have loved to tell you how I started getting the craft supplies ready for some homemade gifts this Christmas or how I took some test shots for our Christmas cards, or maybe how I got a couple loads of laundry done at least. (Okay, that one is pathetic - but speaks to the nature of my life right now.) Frankly, the lower backache all weekend really threw a loop into my schedule.

Tonight I have no pictures for Crafty Tuesday, or of anything else for that matter. I have nothing substantial to say. My braincells are firing at half-blast right now and I need to take some headache medicine because I feel a big one coming on.

So this is my pathetic Tuesday edition of daily posting in the month of November during the midst of holiday prep season and work deadlines.

I know.

Say no more.

Until tomorrow - Hajda!

1 comment:

Brittany said...

It's going around... I am in a slump of craziness, too!

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