SOOC Saturday - Day 22

Thank goodness for a theme! I'm heading to bed after a long day. Harrison may have a urinary tract infection, which left him quite disgruntled this evening. We're going to the doctor tomorrow (woo-hoo! his office is open on the weekends!) I found that bit of information out when I called the peditrician on his cell phone - 2 minutes after office hours ended. Bummer.

You see, these are the things that go on behind the scenes that I don't blog about... And since we're on the subject of what happens when I'm not blogging. The GID came home feeling quite a bit warm and fuzzy after a STRONG win for Florida State and the a Rhodes Scholar win for one of their teammates. Needless to say,they had a good night.

And when FSU has a good night, the hubby has a good night.

And that makes it a good night for everyone.

What else today?
Before Harrison's health and well-being went rogue on him, we set up his newly decorated bird house outside on the front porch. We'll probably have every critter in a one-mile radius vying for the birdseed by sunrise, but it made one little boy happy. And there's always the BB pistol...

Kidding! Don't go PETA on me!

As if...

Anyway, back to the pictures.

Move over pumpkin...It's bird house time. If you didn't see this birdhouse before, those paint colors were chosen by my son at the craft store - two bottles of red, one bottle of hot-pink, one bottle of orange and a mini bottle of glue. He was set on the largest bottle of glue, but since I'm set with glue at home, he went for the compromise. Phew!

Harrison decided that the birds needed seeds inside the birdhouse, too.

Ready for action! (I should go peek at it on my way to bed - make sure it wasn't carrried off by a raccoon.
Yes, there are raccoons in the bid city. Crazy. [I know I've said this, but I never saw a raccoon up close and personal until I moved to the city; not once growing up in South Dakota. Not once.]

See how much fun we have! Oh and BTW, thanks for the comments yesterday. They reminded me that my Reader was feeling neglected and has piled up a 1000+ posts for me to catch up on.

I think I'll go to bed now.

HyvËôsti! - until tomorrow.

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Jen Graham said...

I love Harrison's color scheme. The young man has quite the eye for bright colors. :)

Cara said...

I love the color combo and that fact that he made sure there were seeds inside as well.
1000+, WOW! I get sweating palms when mine over 300.

Anonymous said...

Well he chose some awesome colors...and he's so thoughtful giving the birds some dining options! :-) Hope you are able to get in to see the doctor and he is feeling better soon!

Thanks for sharing the great photos.

Brittany said...

Aww Harrison, feel better soon! I get those sometimes, and they are NO fun! :(

Hmm behind the scenes. I should really make a post about that! :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!!! I also hope he feels better soon. UTIs are the worst. :(

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