Life - No, Not the Game

So one of the few show I've stopped to enjoy in the evenings this fall is Life. It's about a quirky cop returning to the force after spending 12 years in prison for the murders he didn't commit. I like the writing and the actors. It's not totally a sitcom, nor is it full blown drama. That's why I love the show. My only complaint - as usual NBC has a bad habit of moving it around their schedule. ANNOYING!

Now to the real reason I'm sharing my television love with you. [outside of the fact that it's NoBloPoMo] Three weeks before Halloween, Harrison and I went to Joanne's fabric & craft store. It opens into the mall and there we saw it. Christmas decorations! I was appalled that the mall had already put up their Christmas decorations and Santa house three weeks BEFORE Halloween! This was too much. Harrison was intrigued and we had to go out there to look at the Santa house.

Then it occurred to me, Santa's house was in a different location this year and this was a little excessive, there were holiday sale signs in the store windows already. That's when I saw the "Filming in progress" sign. Ah-ha! I was in the mall on a Saturday when the film crews are off for the day!

I live in Southern California, filming happens quite often. In fact, you know you've been in L.A. a long time when you find filming an annoyance because it's in your way. As was the case two weeks ago when I was picking up my older son from school and a film crew was filming scenes across the street from the school. Traffic was all backed up. [if you someday see a Disney movie about a couple skateboarding kids - that's it.]


I watched Life Wednesday night and stayed tuned for previews of the next episode. Next week is the pre-Christmas episode filmed at my local mall! A pet grooming store featured is actually a robot building and racing store for kids. It'll be fun seeing the finished product. So watch Life next Wednesday and check out my local mall! (Oh yeah, like you're really going to Tivo it for that reason... Ha-Ha!)

In the meantime, we went back to Joanne's last Saturday, the day after Halloween...You guessed it, the REAL Christmas decorations are already up! It's not even Thanksgiving yet!

At least Santa's house is in the right spot.

Au Revoir!


Anonymous said...

Before Halloween- to much. Now- perfect. I'll be decorating soon because I think it all just goes by too fast. Call me crazy. And I think I will watch just because you now have me curious. Did you say what night?

Christina said...

You can tell I'm not from CA, as that is totally cool to me. The tiny town where I used to live once had Walker Texas Ranger filmed there, and the entire town came to watch.

And I agree - Christmas stuff is out earlier every year and it's CRAZY

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