Oh NoBloPoMo!!

It's 15 minutes past midnight on the East Coast. Lucky for me I'm on the West Coast! Phew!

I had great intentions for posting today, but as life would have it, I'm in a crunch period again with work deadlines and other things that take me away from my computer. November is a tough month to commit to blogging daily. I'm crazy for trying...

Today, amidst the soccer class, running errands, cleaning house and work, I also came up with an idea for this year's Christmas card. Seriously, I was going to just get some plain old card and send them out. The pressure to come up with something is just too great and then I'm crunched for time because I always get some "bright" idea in the eleventh hour!

So I had resolved myself to the boxed generic Christmas cards when I got an email from an old friends that saw a book about Christmas Cards at Borders Bookstore and thought it would be a good book for me and that I should submit my cards. Nah. But she also sent me the link to the Merry Christmas blog.

And to just fuel to the fire she said, "The author mentions how there are certain cards you can’t wait to get each year because you know they will be awesome and receive a place of honor on your mantle. Not that I’m trying to pressure you, but that’s totally what I think about your card every year. It’s my favorite one!" Gah! Then I realized I had to come up with something.

Something bigger

Something better!

Something - Unique.

Eek- gad! (Did I mention that this is a tough month? ...just making sure.)

Say, Carrie, does the thought of being creative count towards Creative Tuesday? :)



Unknown said...

Oh, my friend! It certainly does count!!

I have a friend who told me the same thing - she "waits by the mailbox" to see what our card is going to look like. I have a great idea this year, we'll see if we can execute it or not!

Anonymous said...

Well, now you've left us in suspense. Can't wait to see what you come up with!! No pressure, though.

Kat said...

No pressure, right? ;)
Good luck! :)

Brittany said...

it is the thought that counts, right??? :)

Christina said...

At least you're thinking about it! I haven't even given Christmas cards the first thought.

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