Sneak Peak

Sorry I've been a stranger, a lot happening around here, including a referral of a friend to do a photography session! I was so excited.

I had the honor of taking pictures of a newborn! Actually she is three weeks old already, but she still has all that newborn,sweet goodness. She also has a beautiful big sister who is 15 months this week. (is that right mama?) Big Sister J. is quick to comfort and love her little sister. They are both just darling!!

We had a good time, it's my first experience with an infant photo shoot so I took a ton of pictures and prayed for good ones! How nerve-wracking - my first photo shot that doesn't include family and close friends! But Mama-Lynn was SO wonderful! Here's a sneak peak of what we did - no more until Mama sees all the pictures!

I look forward to going back and getting some additional pictures of big-sister J.

And hopefully a redo on one shot that I loved - but didn't come out quite right. I'll post a couple more favorites after Mama-Lynn sees them!

In the mean time -
Tot ziens!


Jen Graham said...

OMgoodness! I want to see the rest. When are you taking them over for Lynn to see?

Christina said...

Eeee! So excited for you. These look awesome, and I can't wait to see more! the sweet baby is darling, but I adore big sister with the starfish. You go, girl!

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