This Week

I'm no good at blogging every day. Nope. Can't do it. Right now I should be creating tomorrow's post. I'm creating today's with no intention of starting one for tomorrow because I'm too tired to compose concrete thoughts. Infact, now that I think about it, I have had ZERO time to visit other blogs and I've had 3 visitors here in the last three days! That's embarrassing!

But I'm not going to lose sleep over it because I have this in my sidebar to remind me:

Although, as with most bloggers, I like comments...
[I'll let you know when my braincells have returned from their extended vacation.]

The good news is that I've finished my work assignments (for a couple weeks) plus a few other tasks so that I can concentrate on Christmas cards. Yeah, that's next. No pressure from beloved friends or anything!

So as I thankfully say Le'hitraot to this week, I leave you with a test shot of my willing husband for those impending holiday cards.

Makes you curious, huh?



Brittany said...

Ohhhhh I can't wait to see these cards!

Jen Graham said...

I have been reading through my blog reader... I don't know if it counts me, but I have been reading every day!

Cerulean Bill said...

I read through a news reader, too, but I guess without comments, those don't really 'count' (g) !

Christina said...

I'm around...just too busy with my own craziness! Very curious about those cards

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