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I had planned on posting this before Halloween but I was having some issues with the computer I use to scan pictures with. I wanted to share some Halloween of years past that I encountered with the help of my mother.

I think the reason I panic over Halloween and costumes is that I don't have the gifting the my mother had in the way of sewing. (Not that I have the electrical cord to my sewing machine anyway...)

My mom made several of my Halloween costumes over the years, talk about a blessing. I often wish I had her around, if anything to give me an extra boost of encouragement on the path of parenting. Luckily Harrison is only three. So there is plenty of time to step up to the plate. (or is it bat? Yah. Puns and me... we don't get along well.)

Take a picture trip down memory lane with me. (Because you've seen lots of cute little pumpkins in their contemporary costumes. Wouldn't it be fun to have more of us moms embarrass ourselves with the past?)

Let's start here, now is this a princess, or what?? Long before the Disney Princess rampage. (not sure why that tag on the picture reads Dec.) Can you believe that hoop skirt? Um, made by mom. Check out the lacy headdress - my mom was AMAZING with a coat hanger! All I can do with one is unlock a car door. Not so impressive. I think I won a costume contest with this Halloween entry.

Skip ahead a few years and you have a couple of bums with Ho-Bo makeup - last minute costumes with the help of my mom. There was a reason for the "last minute" I can no longer recall though.

Then there was the Empire State Building. That was a fun one. By this time I was in Jr. High and treat-or-treating was about going out with friends to run around and seeing IF anyone would still give us candy if we knocked on their door. My mom and I glued all those little black squares on the building. We attached "King Kong" to the top and off I went. The costume was a hit but at one point I didn't quite make it over a chain link fence that my friends decided to hop as a shortcut. King Kong took his final dramatic topple of the tower just like in the movies and I had to carry him the rest of the way home.
Back to the easy route after that. This is 10th grade, I remember the costume well, and my first official High School party I went to. The giant hat was made out of black poster board, my face was painted green but didn't show up that way in any of the pictures. Hmm, was I a good witch of a bad witch??

11th Grade, this costume was a BIG hit! I wore it to my high school Halloween dance - they actually let me stay! Got me my first date with a really cute guy (and my second kiss -ever - on THAT date!) Good times. Good Times.
My mom made this puppy from scratch, based on my specs of what I wanted and then she just went to town! No pattern, nothing [except a strapless bra that fit me] Click for a larger version for the detail. My mom rocked! (Now I get to say- this one's for Kat. Is this considered my ho-bag stage? LOL!!)

My Senior year I thought I would play it cool after my junior year. We had yellow polka dot fabric that reminded me of Minnie Mouse so mom helped me out with a cute little costume that we designed together. I even had pantaloons under the little mini skirt! (good thing as I whipped up that skirt while standing in line at a liquor store waiting for a friend to buy beer.) You can ask the friend in this picture why I did that - she probably remembers! Not me. Just so people were clear, Micky went with me. I resurrected this outfit in college - I like quick and easy.

My first year of college was typical, first time away from home, busy with studies, making friends, finding my niche - no time for costumes. So on a weekend at home, my mom helped me get my girlfriend and me together with a couple of her old polyester mini-dresses from the 70's and fun accessories and makeup. Bing, bang, boom - we're done! You gotta love the 80's for the simple fact that you can wear these clothes and say you're a punk-rocker! Or you can wear these clothes and say that you're a punk-rocker. I'm in the middle, my friend to the right. Unfortunately, I can't find the full view picture anymore with the wild tights, etc. As Trannyhead would say, we were HAWT!
So out of college and on to real life. (As if college isn't real...) Eek gad! The first year that I was totally on my own. No pictures (well I have one but it doesn't do justice) I put on a mini-skirt that I had which reminded me of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, braided my hair and called it a day - or a costume. Again - love those 80's fashions! They were so versatile!

The last couple of times I dressed up for Halloween was the year after my mom passed away. I was a gypsy which consisted of two layered skirts that my mom had made for me years previous, more of that rockin' 80's fashion with my cool vest (I had a lot of vests) and jewelry left to me.

And finally, I was a biker chic. Check out that giant turquoise necklace that belonged to my mom. Man, she really wore that thing seriously at one time? let me tell you - it's freakin' HEAVY.

So there you go, a little trip down Halloween costume memory lane. Better late then never! Well maybe that's not true - but you got all the way down here. All I have left to say is -

Auf Wiedersehen!


Cara said...

I love all the costume! The princess one is my favorite. Your mother really was creative and talented, the head piece was awesome.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Trying to recollect my comment from yesterday...
I LOVED this post and the tripping down memory lane was awesome. You must miss your mom so much this time of the year. I also had the sewing machine queen mother for my halloween costumes and feel terrible for my kids who have me (I might be able to pull off a costume made with boxes and glue...)

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