Vintage Lovelys

I have some person items being held hostage in South Dakota by time and distance - two things not on my side. It's frustrating, but today I received a package from my Aunt (who takes good care of the hostage-items) with some little trinkets that I wanted to have this Christmas this year.

A little box of vintage Christmas ornaments from my grandparents house. Some of them are English tinsel ornaments - these are the ones that stick out most in my mind when I think of my grandparents Christmas tree and I'm excited that they get to see the light of day (or the lights of the Christmas tree) for the first time in over 30 years.

And they are perfect for Harrison to hang on the tree by himself. They are one of the precious items that I was about to retrieve from my grandparents house after it was cleaned out and before it went into ownership.

I'm not sure who was more excited about the box at the door, me or Harrison.  Little did he know what it was or what it had in store for him, but he got out his scissors and attempted to help open the box.

Harrison also latched on to these three Kings, we had to play three kings for a while. I was the red one, he was the green one, "and well, I'll be the blue one too." he announces.

 Our goal is to keep Christmas as simple as possible. The gifts limited, The focus simple. The day sweet.

As much as vintage style is a "cool" way of decorating; it's a style that I very much love and it makes sense to me in this crazy world of over-consumption and consumerism.  I would rather, reduce, reuse, recycle. Heck, my house is over 100 years old - that says it all.

What will you pull out this season that touches you and sparks warm memories during the holidays? What are you passing on to your children? I do hope it is more than a room full of pretty wrapped boxes.


Until tomorrow~
Let Manggu-nanda!


Killlashandra said...

Well you've just made me look even more forward to putting up our tree. It won't happen until next weekend, must survive all the family for Thanksgiving first. W.W. should really be able to get into the swing of the holiday this year. He's already talking about Santa which is too cute. :)

Jack said...

LSS... That's just perfect!
You are so lucky to have these treasures in your possession. I'm looking forward to seeing photos of the tree.
Happy Wednesday :)

Cara said...

I love the 3 kings. I have a few Christmas decoration from my parents and grandparents. They are my favorite because they remind me of my childhood.

Cara said...

I know I am slow so bare with me, but I just realized that you have been saying goodbye at the end of your blogs in different languages. I looked back and see that you've been doing it for some time.
That's really cool and sorry I am so slow to pick up on it.

mandaroo63 said...

I really love that photo of the 3kings. Great dof. I've been using same ornaments for some 20+ years (it's all cats) I do get some new ones once in awhile as gifts though. 100 yr cool is that? Our's is 30+, bummer part is plumbing always needs something fixed : ( but I like it nonetheless!

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