The Facebook Frenzy

I finally broke down and joined Facebook a few weeks ago. (gosh - like two months ago already!) I'm not sure what led me to my lapse in judgment, but alas I am on Facebook. I actually only log on when an email hits my mailbox or the GID says something to me across the office about it. He says I addicted now, but it's only because I have more friends than him. Addicted. Yeah, that's why when I logged on the other day I found several friend requests and 30+ misc. invitations.

Speaking of invitations, what is up with all of that? Pokes and patches, drinks, cupcakes, hugs, plants, hanging Christmas ornaments, bumper stickers, kidnappings...come on what is all that crap? (sorry, oh dear, devoted lovers of Facebook!) So I ignore a lot of it. Or I finally click to accept it then immediately get annoyed that it send me on a goose chase and wants me to send others on that same path.

Although I admit, I've enjoyed the movie quizzes and I really should not have missed the question about Castor Oil in the Grease fan quiz. Seriously, I wanted to be the Cool Sandy when I was a kid (with the exception of that one she sings by the kiddy-pool - gag! What was that? "Hopeless Devoted"? I think so).

 Anyway, my lapse was based on the fact that there are people that I haven't had contact with in a while that I am able to connect with via Facebook. People from highschool, college, all the way up to kids from my youthgroup leadership days at my old church. And new friends in my life that I've only recently met.

That is the one reason I like and joined Facebook. I've been fortunate over the years to have so many people in my life, and to reconnect (or stay connected) to some of them is a blessing. I still don't see or hear from them everyday. I don't need to; but we know where to find each other.

I know it has it's downsides and glitches. Doesn't all social networking sites? And I'm still a little perturbed over the fact that I sat down the other evening and decided I would update my profile with favorite movies, music, books, etc. and in one wrong pass of the key it was all gone without warning!!  GAH!!

I'll get over it.


In the meantime, feel free to look my up on Facebook.



Christina said...

I have not yet been sucked into FB, and I'm standing strong!

Kat said...

Ha! I just signed up too, after vowing not too.
I do like it but only for staying in touch with old friends. I can't stand all the dopey games and ornaments and garbage. It is so annoying!

Cara said...

I am with you, I joined so I can keep in contact with friends and family, that's been great.
The drinks,green patch, Christmas ornaments, super pokes etc. are nauseating at times. I usually just ignore them.
I will be looking you up!

Jack said...

Beware! hehehe!

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