Summing It All Up

Over the last month I've been ending my daily posts with a final salutation in another language. It was kind of a boost to keep me going. November is traditionally a very busy month and this particular November proved to be no different. I didn't get an opportunity to get around to all the other blogs participating in NoBloPoMo, but I have time to pop in on them now that I won't be posting EVERY day. Will I do this again next year? Hard to say; but right now I'd say, "NO WAY, BABY!"

If you were following along here is the full list of goodbyes throughout the month.

Nov 1 - Oop! Not one for this day!
Nov 2 - Caio (Italian - informal)
Nov 3 - Dasvadanja (Russian)
Nov 4 - Aloha (Hawiian)
Nov 5 - Auf Wiedersehen (German)
Nov 6 - Hasta Lavista (Mexican)
Nov 7 - Shalom (Hebrew)
Nov 8 - Au Revoir (French)
Nov 9 - Cheerio (English - Northern Scotland)
Nov 10 - Sayounara (Japanese)
Nov 11 - Viszlát ( Hungarian)
Nov 12 - Zaijian (Mandarin Chinese)
Nov 13 - Tot Ziens (Dutch)
Nov 14 - Farvel (Danish)
Nov 15 - Adeu' (Catalan - Spain)
Nov 16 - Paalam (Filipino)
Nov 17 - Hamba Kalhle (Zulu)
Nov 18 - Hajda (Swedish)
Nov 19 - Arrivederci (Italian)
Nov 20 - Valete (Latin)
Nov 21 - Le'hitraot (Hebrew)
Nov 22 - Hyvӓsti (Finnish)
Nov 23 - Yasou (Greek)
Nov 24 - Slán go fóill (Gaelic - Irish)
Nov 25 - Do Widzenia (Polish)
Nov 26 - Let Manggu-nanda (Wagiman - Australia)
Nov 26 - See Ya! (bonus salutation: English - American Slang)
Nov 27 - Don adagohvi (Cherokee - American Indian)
Nov 28 - Ake wachia kin 'kte (Lakota - American Indian)

Nov 29 - Uz redzēšanos - (Latvian)

With 250+ languages across the globe, there is a lot to choose from - I made some choices based on where I work, where I've been, who I know, what I love and this month's holiday.

Maybe next year I'll start with "Hello".

And since today is November 30th, well let's just say-
Good bye!

For now.


Christina said...

You survived NaBloPoMo! Well done. :o) Love all the languages!

Cara said...

See I knew it!
You can say Hi and Goodbye in Italian the same way Ciao!

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